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How is Accolader different than other employee award tools?

Accolader focuses on employee awards, not rewards. Peer recognition for a job well done is more meaningful than a small monetary reward. Accolader surfaces these achievements in a fun, easy to use lightweight tool that is easy to integrate– and free to use.

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Employees award achievements to each other.

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Leaders monitor, review, and award achievements.

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Engagement increases and performance reviews are more informed.

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Award your peers

Awards fall into a dozen types, such as Culture and Leadership. A meaningful description is written by the person awarding, and the award is immediately sent and recorded.

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Track the team’s activity

An activity feed showing all awards (most recent at the top) makes it easy to stay on top of team award activity. The list may be filtered by group or department, if you’d like.

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Manage your team

A robust set of administrative tools allow easy management of users, groups, and awards. Slack and email preferences are easy to setup.

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The Dashboard shows at a glance views of activity, awards given, and top awards to monitor usage.

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Upgrade at any time for premium features

Custom Branding

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Choose from preset themes, or use your custom brand colors.

Custom Award Types

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Create unique award types for your team and choose an icon.

Detailed Analytics

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Find actionable insights via analytics and data exports.

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